This is a summary of our regular Rotary meeting on February 4th over Zoom.

President Oda led the club in the 4-Way Test, and skipped the prayer and song.

Happy dollars – Maggie Hess, Amanda Miller, Steve Cramer, Marty Hubbell, Bob McGinty.

Adam Kwiecinski then introduced the speakers for today’s meeting:

Cliff Bailey, Director of the Hopewell district of the Boy Scouts of America

Matt Bruns, Countryside YMCA programming

Cliff Bailey

Showed a presentation with the BSA’s new message – Scouting Forward Together. Cliff talked about the Scouting At Home program to help develop activities during lockdown. Cliff then detailed some of the local programs the BSA was involved in, including Pack 618 providing meals for the needy. Cliff related that the BSA provided 4 weeks of summer camp with no Covid outbreaks. Cliff then closed by letting members know about the Good Scout Award event coming up in March.

Q: Adam asked: how is the Dan Beard Council broken up into districts?
A: 7 districts over Ohio and Kentucky

Q: Adam asked: how many packs in your district?
A: In Hopewell District, there are 30 packs and 20 troops (roughly 6,000 kids)

Q: Jack asked: how did you get interested in scouting and when did you start?
A: Recruited in 6th grade by friend, found structure and father figures in the Boy Scouts.

Q: Linda asked: how many kids are in scouts in Lebanon and how much does it cost each kid?
A: 4 troops and 3 packs, roughly 100-115 kids. Membership costs have gone up: $66 per year, $25 if the child is a new scout, and local council charges for insurance. It can cost close to $100 a year.

Q: Linda asked: what percentage need financial support?
A: Maybe about 10%

Gary says his troop has a uniform closet to help with that aspect, and they try to help in other ways financially.

Cliff talked about the fundraising the troops and packs have that helps as well.

Matt Bruns

Matt gave a quick bio: he moved here about 5 months ago; he was in the Air Force right from high school, then the Air National Guard, then Ohio State. After graduation, he went to work at the Crawford County Y, then the Bucyrus Y, then the Delaware County Y, then finally Countryside.

Matt said that the Gala has been moved to being a virtual event, on the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby. More details will follow.

Linda said she will ask the board about returning to in-person meetings at the Y, and what that might look like, with the thought to eventually move back to The Golden Lamb.

President Oda adjourned the meeting at 12:44 with the Rotary motto; our next regular meeting is Feb 18th, over Zoom.