Month: May 2021

May 27 – Club Meeting

Here is a summary of the regular lunch meeting of the Lebanon Rotary Club, held on 5/27/21.

President-Elect Davis started the meeting at 12:05 with the Pledge of Allegiance, a song, a prayer, and a toast.

Happy Dollars: Rob Bedinghaus, Stephen Cramer, Rebecca Strole, Amanda Miller, and Randy Kronour


Greg reported that the club supported the recent Teacher Appreciation lunch. He also told the club that thew new bunting was up at the Golden Lamb gazebo. Steven Johns handed out revised posters for the Country Music Fest. Jeff Stueve reported that he now has all volunteer slots filled for the Concert Series.

New Member Induction:

President-Elect Davis inducted Rebecca Strole into the club.

Speaker: Jeff Monroe from the Warren County Board of Elections.

Topic: Trust in the electoral process


Jim Mulvaney asked: How do you handle the owners of the technology being one party or another?
A: Machines are tested bi-partisanly.

Rebecca Strole asked: Is there a conflict of interest with your wife being on City Council?
A: Yes, he has to abstain from any elections where there is a conflict

John Zimkus asked: Is there any truth to things we hear about watermarks or bamboo fibers?
A: They have nothing to do with elections

Chris Hubbard asked: ?hat do we do when the party leader himself is claiming election fraud?
A: That’s partly why he’s here, to gain trust in the process.

Bill DeLord asked: What triggers a recount?
A: Someone has to ask for one.

Bob McGinty asked: Why is there a delay on counting absentee ballots?
A: There’s no reason not to count them ahead of time.

Anne Krehbiel asked: How many times can voters switch parties?
A: Once per general election.

Jeff Stueve asked: Why are results reported in the media before all the results are in?
A: By law, the BOE has to report something every 15 minutes, but the media decide when to post those results.

Greg then adjourned the meeting at 1:10 with the Rotary motto.

Next meeting is at noon on June 3rd at the Countryside YMCA.

May 13 – Club Meeting

Here is a summary of the lunch meeting on 5/13/21:

President Oda called the meeting to order at 12:20, as she wanted to let members finish their meals.

The meeting was opened by Linda reading out some vaccination statistics.

We then said the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, the 4 Way Test, and a toast.

Linda presented Megan Manuel with her 4th Paul Harris Fellow.


The Board decided we would continue to hold meetings at the Y until at least September 1st.

Our July 1st meeting will be held at the Harmon Museum and will be catered.

Our July 8th meeting will be held at the Warren County Jail, and food will not be offered.

We will no longer broadcast the lunch meetings over Zoom starting June 1st.

Jeff Stueve asked for members to sign up to help run the Summer Concert Series.

Linda briefly explained the changes in the new invoices.

Happy Dollars: Greg Davis, Rebecca Strole, Matt Bruns, John Zimkus.

Speaker: Steven Johns

Steven introduced Alicia Lipton, the director of Main Street Lebanon, who spoke about her role and some upcoming events. Steven updated the club on the Country Music Fest (June 11 and 12); we’ll need volunteers, there will be no mechanical bull this year, there will be less beer options than in the past.

President Oda adjourned the meeting at 12:56; our next meeting will be on May 20th at Countryside YMCA.

May 20 – Club Meeting

This is a summary of today’s regular lunch meeting on 05/20/21.

President Oda called the meeting to order at 12:06PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, the 4-Way Test, a song, a prayer, and a toast.


Linda brought a donation request to the club for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Ron F. made a motion to give $250; Barry R. seconded, and motion carried by majority voice vote.

Linda repeated the Countryside YMCA’s COVID policy.

Barry explained that our lunch meeting on July 8th was supposed to be a tour of the new jail, but for complicated reasons we could not meet there at noon. Linda asked the members if 3PM would be good, and the majority said yes.

Mike reminded members that posters for the Country Music Fest were available to take and display.

Happy Dollars:

Ron Britt, Rich Oeder, Mike Carroll, Greg Davis, Linda Oda, Rebecca Strole, Anne Krehbiel

Speaker: Angie Smith, Lebanon Chamber

Angie spoke about the 3rd Fridays promotion with the city; dates, activities, bands, food, etc.

President Oda adjourned the meeting at 12:58PM.

May 6 – Club Meeting

Here is a summary of our 5/6/21 regular club lunch meeting:

President Oda began the meeting at 12:02 by introducing our speaker, as he had to leave early.

Speaker: Rep. Steve Chabot

Mr. Chabot talked about redistricting, and bipartisanship during COVID.

Q&A period followed.

Q: Mike Geygan asked if there was any talk about reducing unemployment?
A: Yes.

Q: Rebecca Strole asked if he supports the bill that enables lower-income families access to the internet?
A: Yes, but wants it separate from the infrastructure bill.

Q: Maggie Hess asked him to consider allowing Career Center students under 21 to cross state lines.
A: Mr. Chabot said he would support that.

Q: John Bissman asked what would happen with 1031 exchange and capital gains tax?
A: Mr. Chabot wasn’t sure, but he was in favor of raising capital gains tax.

Q: Jack Hedges asked what his personal feelings are on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?
A: He’s known them for a while, and they get along but he doesn’t agree with them.

After the Q&A session, President Oda led the club in the 4-Way Test, and asked for announcements and Happy Dollars.

Linda announced Richard Oeder had a section of street named after him, and had distributed copies of an article about it.

Rebecca announced that Neighborhood Bridges has filled 47 needs in their 1st Quarter, given $18,000 worth of goods and services to 2,604 families and individuals.

Barry gave a shout-out for National Correctional Officers Week.

Maggie gave a shout-out for National Teachers Week.

Chris Johnson said he was happy his son had joined us for the meeting.

President Oda then presented Maggie Hess with a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Greg reminded the club about the SHP bed build at Sinclair on May 15th.

Linda explained the letter that was sent out from Treasurer Ron Fischer.

President Oda then adjourned the meeting at 12:41 PM.