July 1 – Club Meeting

The regular lunch meeting of the Lebanon Rotary club on 7/1/21 was opened by President Davis with the 4-Way Test, a prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting was held at Armstong Conference Center, and the club was welcomed by Harmon Museum president Michael Coyan.

Happy Dollars:
Greg, Rebecca, Linda, Barney, and Jeff N.

Speaker – John Zimkus.
John presented documents from the Lebanon Rotary club’s history, and then highlighted parts of the Harmon Museum. He then led members on a tour of the Armstrong Gallery of Flight.

President Davis closed the meeting at 12:50 with the Rotary motto.

June 10 – Club Meeting

Here is a summary of the Lebanon Rotary Club’s regular lunch meeting on 6/10/21:

President Oda started the meeting at 12:20 with the Pledge of Allegiance, the 4-Way Test, a song, a prayer, and a toast.


Linda reminded the members again that our meeting on July 1st will be at the Harmon Museum, and our meeting on July 8th will be at 3:00 PM, and for that one, we will meet at the Common Pleas Court building.

She also reminded members that there’s still time to volunteer for the Country Music Fest this weekend.

Happy Dollars:

Rebecca, Chris H., Jeff S., Rob B., Megan, Rich O., Greg, Linda, and Ron.

Speaker: Judge Joe Kirby, Juvenile Probate Court

Judge Kirby spoke about how he got the job, and what the job entails.

Maggie asked: How do they reach out to parents before the kids get into trouble?
A: Judge Kirby wants to get together with parents in schools.

Rich Oeder asked: What repercussions do estranged parents suffer?
A: Practically none. Judge Kirby wants the ability to undo adoptions.

Rebecca asked: Are the cases in Youth Court mock cases?
A: No, they will be real cases.

President Oda announced our next meeting will be on June 17th, and adjourned at 12:58 with the Rotary motto.

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