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Member Spotlight – Part 3 (11/17/22)

One of our beloved members, Barry Riley, came up with an idea to focus on our membership.

Coining it the Member Spotlight Series, members interview other members, with the intent that we all learn more about each other, contributing to fellowship and helping with speakers for meetings.

The one rule Barry insists on is to keep the member’s identity secret so everyone can see how well we know each other already.

This is part three in the series, and was done via video and posted to YouTube as an example for other members to use moving forward.  The previous two presentations were down utilizing PowerPoint.

History of the Golden Lamb

Fred Compton, the speaker from this week, shared with us stories of a Rotary Club meetings, including one for lunch at the Golden Lamb in 1939. In his studies, he found a Rotary check-in sheet from 1939- where club members enjoyed Chicken Noodle soup for .60 cents!

Interestingly enough, on todays Rotary lunch menu was- Chicken Noodle Soup!

Attached for your viewing pleasure is a photo copy of the 1939 Rotary Check-in sheet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kings Hammer Soccer Club visits Lebanon Rotary

Thank you to Lindsay Basalyga and Wil Cagle from Kings Hammer Soccer Club for visiting the Lebanon Rotary Club at the YMCA. We had a pleasure learning about your growing programming and offerings to the Lebanon community!  Kings Hammer North works to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach the highest level possible within the game and their lives while helping developing leaders and individuals who will inspire others to do the same via their Academy North and Premier North programs.

RYLA 2021 – Students Come to Visit

Lebanon High School students Kelsey and Charlie visited the Rotary Club of Lebanon, Ohio to share their stories from RYLA 2021. The Rotary Club of Lebanon, Ohio sponsors students each year to attend RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

RYLA is an intensive training program for youth ages 14-18. Talented young people attend a seminar, camp, and workshops.

The RYLA program enables young people to debate issues of professional responsibility and human relations, improve leadership and communication skills, learn about businesses and institutions, and meet Rotarians while having fun and making friends.

For young adults, RYLA provides the opportunity to refine skills and explore pertinent topics with their peers and elders. For Rotarians, RYLA offers the chance to help develop leaders, share valuable expertise, and bridge the gap between generations.

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