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February 4- Zoom Meeting

This is a summary of our regular Rotary meeting on February 4th over Zoom.

President Oda led the club in the 4-Way Test, and skipped the prayer and song.

Happy dollars – Maggie Hess, Amanda Miller, Steve Cramer, Marty Hubbell, Bob McGinty.

Adam Kwiecinski then introduced the speakers for today’s meeting:

Cliff Bailey, Director of the Hopewell district of the Boy Scouts of America

Matt Bruns, Countryside YMCA programming

Cliff Bailey

Showed a presentation with the BSA’s new message – Scouting Forward Together. Cliff talked about the Scouting At Home program to help develop activities during lockdown. Cliff then detailed some of the local programs the BSA was involved in, including Pack 618 providing meals for the needy. Cliff related that the BSA provided 4 weeks of summer camp with no Covid outbreaks. Cliff then closed by letting members know about the Good Scout Award event coming up in March.

Q: Adam asked: how is the Dan Beard Council broken up into districts?
A: 7 districts over Ohio and Kentucky

Q: Adam asked: how many packs in your district?
A: In Hopewell District, there are 30 packs and 20 troops (roughly 6,000 kids)

Q: Jack asked: how did you get interested in scouting and when did you start?
A: Recruited in 6th grade by friend, found structure and father figures in the Boy Scouts.

Q: Linda asked: how many kids are in scouts in Lebanon and how much does it cost each kid?
A: 4 troops and 3 packs, roughly 100-115 kids. Membership costs have gone up: $66 per year, $25 if the child is a new scout, and local council charges for insurance. It can cost close to $100 a year.

Q: Linda asked: what percentage need financial support?
A: Maybe about 10%

Gary says his troop has a uniform closet to help with that aspect, and they try to help in other ways financially.

Cliff talked about the fundraising the troops and packs have that helps as well.

Matt Bruns

Matt gave a quick bio: he moved here about 5 months ago; he was in the Air Force right from high school, then the Air National Guard, then Ohio State. After graduation, he went to work at the Crawford County Y, then the Bucyrus Y, then the Delaware County Y, then finally Countryside.

Matt said that the Gala has been moved to being a virtual event, on the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby. More details will follow.

Linda said she will ask the board about returning to in-person meetings at the Y, and what that might look like, with the thought to eventually move back to The Golden Lamb.

President Oda adjourned the meeting at 12:44 with the Rotary motto; our next regular meeting is Feb 18th, over Zoom.

January 21 – Zoom Meeting

The Lebanon Rotary club met over Zoom on 1/21/21: the meeting was called to order by President Oda at 12:00.

Linda led the club in the 4-way test, and then asked Chad share his screen to bring up our website. Linda wanted to show what Jeff Nelson has done to update; Jeff said he has added notes from meetings on the blog, added short videos, and added sponsors and links to organizations we have given to.

Matt Bruns updated the club in regards to the February 27 Y Gala – it has been cancelled, but they might do a virtual gala later. Linda reported that the Executive Board had decided to give a $1,500 contribution, separate from the gala, towards YMCA youth programs. Linda also said we will be giving out $6,000 in scholarships this year, and that we are able to give to Career Center students money they can use towards tools and equipment.

Linda asked if any members had Happy Dollars – Bill DeLord reported that he had contracted the virus, but he’s feeling okay despite having no sense of taste or smell. Linda talked about her 103-year old aunt.

Then President Oda introduced our guest speaker, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat DeWine

Justice DeWine said he was elected in 2016, and went through a PowerPoint presentation that addressed how people get to serve on the Ohio Supreme Court, what the Ohio Supreme Court means to the citizens, and how a typical case reaches the Ohio Supreme Court, using an actual case to illustrate.

There was a brief Q&A

Bill DeLord asked: What are the court costs once the case heads to Ohio Supreme Court?
Answer: Generally people pay their own costs.

Jack Hedges asked: Could you clarify staffing and duties?
Answer: The court handles a variety of different cases.

President Oda asked the club to repeat our Motto and adjourned the meeting at 1:00

Next meeting will be on Feb 4, 2021.

January 07 – Zoom Meeting

The Lebanon Rotary club met over Zoom on 1/7/21: the meeting was called to order by President Oda at 12:02.

We skipped the 4-Way Test, song, and Pledge of Allegiance, and went right to Happy Dollars.

Chris Hubbard, Mike Geygan, Rich Oeder, Rob Bedinghaus, Gary Kuntz, Linds McLaughlin, John Zimkus, and Maggie Hess all had things to contribute.

John Zimkus answered a question from Nelda Lane about the museum’s upcoming aviation exhibit, and then spoke briefly about the groundbreaking on Beedle’s Station.

Chad announced the results from the two recent electronic elections. The winners were: Vice-President – Dylan Posa, Treasurer – Jim Mulvaney, Secretary – Adam Kwiecinski

There were two at-large director positions open, with five candidates. Winners were: Stephen Johns and Rob Bedinghaus.

42 people voted in the election, and all candidates will assume their positions on July 1, 2021.

Chad then introduced today’s speaker, Ron Hollenbeck talking about the Malawi Life Pump Project.

Ron is a Rotarian living in Centerville, and has been in that club for about 10 years.

Ron spoke about the scope of a Global Grant to improve water quality in Malawi, using Life Pumps. There is a $310,000 budget, of which our club has already given $1,000. He described that the budget will be made up of Club Pledges, plus district 6670 and 6690 and RI Matches, led by Rotarian Dr. Beatrice Chisenga, a Malawi resident.

The project is anticipated to take 12 months; and Ron is waiting on Rotary International approval.

Ron talked more about Life Pumps; they bring water from depths of five hundred feet, and are hand-cranked; the Malawi Ministry of Water have now mandated the Life Pump must be used if appropriate. Ron talked more about the benefits and advantages of the Life Pump, and then showed a short video about Life Pumps; he noted that the one in the video has been working steadily for 8 years with no repairs.

Ron then showed photos of a trip to Haiti, describing the building of a Life Pump. He also showed a slide describing how a club can help with this project. He then finished his presentation and answered questions; Jim Perry asked how do they insure that the water is kept sanitary? Answer – this is just a reliable source of clean water, not a storage device.

Jim Perry asked how do they ensure pumps are operating? Answer – Rotarians are engaged, but the pump itself will send information through satellite and will trigger an alert to Design Outreach (the company that maintains the software).

With no more questions, President Oda reminded members that there is a Board meeting next Wednesday at 8AM, and January 21st is the next club meeting; today’s meeting was then adjourned at 12:46PM.

December 3 – Zoom Meeting Notes

Today’s Zoom meeting was officially started at 12:05 by President Linda Oda.

Matt from the Countryside YMCA was a guest.

Linda reported that she is stuffing instructions for planting the Buckeye trees, to include in our deliveries.

Linda decided we would skip the pledge, song, and 4-way test.

Linda asked if we could go around and say what we were happy for or any announcements; we then heard from Nancy Schreiner, Ron Fischer, Bill DeLord, Marty Hubbell, and John Zimkus.

John Zimkus was our speaker – he talked about a letter he bought on eBay that regarded Lebanon history; it was addressed to Lucinda Rigdon in Hamilton, OH and written by the lady who would live in Glendower (Mary Rigdon Williams), both of whom were granddaughters of Francis Dunlevy. John read the contents of the letter, and gave historical annotations as he read.

Linda thanked John for his work keeping history alive and interesting.

Linda gave an update on the Buckeye trees; we have extras if anyone wants to make any more sales. Linda then said we are done with fundraising until March.

Chris Johnson said they still plan on delivering Christmas baskets this year; he’s not sure what that will look like right now, but more details will be forthcoming.

Linda announced that the next meeting will be on December 17, through Zoom. With that, the meeting was adjourned at 12:52.

Warren County Health Department – Covid-19 Update

Our speaker was Dustin Ratliff , Emergency Response Coordinator from the Warren County Health Dept.

His talk covered:

Increase in cases reported to office 440% increase over last 45 days

163 cases per day versus 25 per day, not due to increased testing

Talked about the “fatigue” – people getting tired and starting to ease up on restrictions

People are staying indoors more, and sitting in closer proximity

Trying to collect data on controlled school environment

Sports teams more likely to have cases, with lack of social distancing and lack of masks

John Z. asked if the curfew was toothless; Dustin said the target was bars and other places that people were getting together at night. Spread is happening with informal gatherings, so it’s an attempt to curb that, he’s not sure what effect it will have. Also asked if after 21 days there will be more restrictive measures; Dustin is hoping that cases go down so we don’t need to take those measures. They don’t have any advance notice to what the Governor will talk about in his addresses.

Barry R. asked how the vaccine will roll out; Dustin says they know a little, and they’ve had promising news on a vaccine. Uses technology that makes it a more rapid response vaccine.
Initial shipment might be 60k doses, mass distribution will probably be April or June. Looking at whether drive thru or walk up is more effective.

John Z. asked about potential pushback based on what we know about two vaccines; more concerned about people not trusting it or not wanting it. John brought up people who are still not taking it seriously and still denying the virus. Dustin said his wife works in ICU COVID unit and confirms people still don’t believe this is a real virus.

Linda said there’s a nasty flu strain this year – asked about whether this strain was covered by the recent flu shot; Dustin said they look at Australia because they are 6 months ahead of us with their experiences. They are at low levels, and we’re just waiting to see. Stressed the importance of flu shots, and you can be co-infected (have both).

John Z. asked about re-infection; Dustin confirmed that they have seen a couple situations, but finds it hard to determine whether or not it’s the same infection. Recommended not getting tested until 3 months after first test.

Nelda L. asked if people got the early flu shot, should they get another one?; Dustin said it’s the same shot, so you don’t need to unless your doctor recommends it.

Joe C. asked about better/easier places to get tested; Dustin said it’s hit or miss, hasn’t heard about any one place that’s better. Joe followed up about the efficacy of rapid test vs. others; Dustin said PCR is the “gold standard” (swab far up the nostril). Antigen test is faster but not as accurate.

John Z. asked what are the top 3 or 4 symptoms; Dustin said number 1 is the loss of taste or smell. It’s not mild, it’s total and absolute. Shortness of breath is also specific.

Aaron R. commented on his experience getting tested in two different places.

Megan M. asked if elective surgeries are being stopped due to hospitalizations; Dustin confirmed that is happening.

Joe C. asked how soon after exposure should people wait to get tested; Dustin said you can test but it’s more important to continue to quarantine even if you get a negative result.

Linda thanked Dustin for coming in on short notice, and thanked his office for getting information out to quash disinformation. Make sure you’re wearing a mask, limit large gatherings, make sure if you feel sick stay home, and wash your hands.

Linda offered the club to help in any way we can.

Aaron asked if we are going to start seeing more and more epidemics; Dustin listed all the more recent novel viruses we’ve seen, and said there is talk about looking at a department or service that deals exclusively with epidemics and virus spreads.

Chad asked if any members have tested positive; Aaron’s wife was positive, and she’s doing well .

Meeting was adjourned at 1PM.

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