The meeting was called to order at 12:05; we skipped the toast, motto, and song.

President Oda opened the meeting by asking if anyone had any Happy Dollars – Chris Hubbard, Rob Bedinghaus, and Lindsay McLaughlin all contributed to the conversation.

President Oda reported that Chris Johnson sent an email regarding signups for Xmas baskets; in that email, Chris asked members to contact him by email to let him know if anyone wants to give any more money towards the project.

President Oda reported that she and Angie Smith have been talking about next year’s Business Expo; it will be at the Fairgrounds this year, on the 1st or 2nd Saturday of April.

President Oda then opened the floor for questions about the recent “board retreat” and reiterated the explanation about the board’s decision to take money from the Pancake Breakfast Tickets and move it towards Rotary International. There were no questions for the board.

Chad talked about the email that went out regarding two upcoming elections; they will be coming from, not a Rotarian’s email. Chad and the board decided to run the elections this way in order to maintain anonymity, and every Rotarian’s participation helps us tally votes. The first email is for the 3 Executive positions, with all candidates running unopposed. The upcoming email will be to decide on 2 open Director positions, with 5 people running.

President Oda then reminded the club that all meetings will be held via Zoom until April 2021.

The meeting was then given to Adam Kwiecinski. He talked a bit about the club’s place in history, and in the wider Rotary International. He then shared a video from RI regarding the fighting of disease. He then shared another video about polio eradication, starring John Cena. He shared a last video called ‘Two Drops Of Patience’, which was a personal story about someone helping to eradicate polio.

Adam then introduced our Guest Speaker, Eli McLaughlin. Eli is a 2nd grader who has started E Prophet Charities; the mission of which is to help homeless kids. Eli told us he has already donated $1,100 to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and to check out the E Prophet Facebook page to see their progress.

President Oda asked if anyone had anything else to add; and with no further business, ended the meeting at 12:38.