Today’s Zoom meeting was officially started at 12:05 by President Linda Oda.

Matt from the Countryside YMCA was a guest.

Linda reported that she is stuffing instructions for planting the Buckeye trees, to include in our deliveries.

Linda decided we would skip the pledge, song, and 4-way test.

Linda asked if we could go around and say what we were happy for or any announcements; we then heard from Nancy Schreiner, Ron Fischer, Bill DeLord, Marty Hubbell, and John Zimkus.

John Zimkus was our speaker – he talked about a letter he bought on eBay that regarded Lebanon history; it was addressed to Lucinda Rigdon in Hamilton, OH and written by the lady who would live in Glendower (Mary Rigdon Williams), both of whom were granddaughters of Francis Dunlevy. John read the contents of the letter, and gave historical annotations as he read.

Linda thanked John for his work keeping history alive and interesting.

Linda gave an update on the Buckeye trees; we have extras if anyone wants to make any more sales. Linda then said we are done with fundraising until March.

Chris Johnson said they still plan on delivering Christmas baskets this year; he’s not sure what that will look like right now, but more details will be forthcoming.

Linda announced that the next meeting will be on December 17, through Zoom. With that, the meeting was adjourned at 12:52.