The Rotary Club of Lebanon just wrapped up its first Fall Decoration fundraiser. Our biggest fundraiser – the Country Western Music Festival – was canceled due to the COVID virus. We thought we were going to have an even bigger fundraiser in October with a gala to celebrate our club’s 100th anniversary. Once again, COVID struck.

So we tried to think of something that people would actually want that would not include any businesses having to provide sponsorships. We know local businesses have been hard hit, and we wanted to make sure we did not ask for any donations or even discounted prices. We worked with local farmers to provide us pumpkins, corn shocks and straw, and called a Lebanon woman who raises mums. We paid the full asking price for all items.

We sold two packages: A small package was a corn shock, a bale of straw, four jack-o-lantern size pumpkins and two mums for $100. A large package was $200 and was double everything in the small package, plus an extra mum. We were hoping to make about $1,000 with this fundraiser and ended up making about $3,500.

We will definitely be doing this next year, and have set a goal of $5,000!

Thank you for all your support!

We have another small fundraiser going for the next 60 days. We are selling buckeye trees. There are two kinds of buckeye trees – 1) a flowering tree and 2) the one that produces nuts. We are selling both kinds for $25 each.

You can purchase your buckeye tree on our website!