Here is a summary of the lunch meeting on 5/13/21:

President Oda called the meeting to order at 12:20, as she wanted to let members finish their meals.

The meeting was opened by Linda reading out some vaccination statistics.

We then said the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, the 4 Way Test, and a toast.

Linda presented Megan Manuel with her 4th Paul Harris Fellow.


The Board decided we would continue to hold meetings at the Y until at least September 1st.

Our July 1st meeting will be held at the Harmon Museum and will be catered.

Our July 8th meeting will be held at the Warren County Jail, and food will not be offered.

We will no longer broadcast the lunch meetings over Zoom starting June 1st.

Jeff Stueve asked for members to sign up to help run the Summer Concert Series.

Linda briefly explained the changes in the new invoices.

Happy Dollars: Greg Davis, Rebecca Strole, Matt Bruns, John Zimkus.

Speaker: Steven Johns

Steven introduced Alicia Lipton, the director of Main Street Lebanon, who spoke about her role and some upcoming events. Steven updated the club on the Country Music Fest (June 11 and 12); we’ll need volunteers, there will be no mechanical bull this year, there will be less beer options than in the past.

President Oda adjourned the meeting at 12:56; our next meeting will be on May 20th at Countryside YMCA.