Greg Davis presided, as President Oda was on vacation.

Greg skipped the Pledge, and asked Chris Johnson to lead the club in prayer.

Greg then updated the club on various things:

Pancake breakfast – a sign-up sheet went out through email; Friday night is on the sheet, just in case we need people for set-up. Also, one week before the event Greg wants sign ups for putting out signs. The event will, as usual, be combined with the Chamber’s business expo, and will also have a small “Taste of Lebanon” included. We will offer a drive-up option for pancake breakfasts, but Greg is not sure what that looks like yet. Dylan is working on reserving spots for placemat ads.

May 15th is the date for the joint bed build with the Mason-Deerfield club, held at Sinclair’s Mason campus.

All Memorial trees have been planted; they are behind Sams House.

The Summer Concert Series will start on June 17th with the Blaine Bowman Band; Jeff Stueve is looking for emcees for future dates.

The Executive Board accepted Adam Kwiecinski’s resignation as board member; the Board is seeking to elect a new secretary. Dylan will write up a description of duties, to help applicants.

March 22 is World Water Day, according to Rotary International.

Starting April 1, the club will return to in-person meetings at the Y – Chris said the first meal will be chicken tortilla soup, and there will be a vegetarian option. You must bring money, the club will not bill members.

Mike Geygan said he has Pancake Day posters available, just stop by Minuteman to get some.

Happy dollar – Rob Bedinghaus has been certified as a financial planner.

Happy dollar – Chris Hubbard said the band he is in with Dylan will play as part of the Rotary Summer Concert Series in July.

Greg then introduced our Speaker – Mike McGinty

Mike spoke about the Feed Nicaragua project.

He started with why Nicaragua needs help – they are the 2nd poorest country in the Americas; they had 2 hurricanes hit in 2020; 66% of the children there do not go past 6th grade.
The Feed Nicaragua project started in 2010, and Mike outlined what they do. Bob added that it has an assembly-line process. Chris talked about the inter-generational nature of the event, people of all ages working next to each other. He also mentioned that it is a great opportunity for Rotarians to work with each other on a service project.

Mike McGinty said they are getting close to delivering 500,000 meals over the history of the event. He and the club then asked Rotarians to mark their calendar for November 13th, the date of the event at the Countryside Y.

Chris Johnson said the Y will be a vaccination site on Tuesday.

With that, Greg closed the meeting with the Rotary motto.

Our next meeting will be in-person at the Countryside YMCA on April 1.