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Lebanon Country Music Fest 2022 – Update!

If there’s ever been a 🌟DREAM TEAM🌟 it has to be these three awesome people! We know it seems like magic that festivals pop-up over night, but the reality is months worth of planning and preparation go into planning and organizing an event like the Lebanon Country Music Festival. We’re sending our thanks to (pictured left to right) Lindsay Mescher, Stephen Johns, and Rebecca Strole for their efforts planning the 2022 Country Music Festival!👏🏻🤠 Come out and enjoy the Country Music Festival today from 11AM-11PM in downtown, Lebanon, Ohio.

History of the Golden Lamb

Fred Compton, the speaker from this week, shared with us stories of a Rotary Club meetings, including one for lunch at the Golden Lamb in 1939. In his studies, he found a Rotary check-in sheet from 1939- where club members enjoyed Chicken Noodle soup for .60 cents!

Interestingly enough, on todays Rotary lunch menu was- Chicken Noodle Soup!

Attached for your viewing pleasure is a photo copy of the 1939 Rotary Check-in sheet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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